Friday, May 10th – 8.30 PM


Balthasar Neumann Choir & Soloists

Balthasar Neumann Ensemble

Thomas Hengelbrock conductor

Katja Stuber soprano

Marion Eckstein alto

Jan Petryka tenor

Reinhard Mayr  bass

The Requiem, Mozart’s masterpiece that was left uncompleted due to the death of the Master, to be later completed by his pupil Süssmayr, is a milestone of the sacred repertoire. The same cannot be said of Kerll’s Missa Superba, composed around 1674 by a leading figure of German baroque music, who here combines the solemnity of Venetian polychorality with the lively concertato style of the Padanian school. A really superb acoustic cathedral which requires first-class performers, like the vocal and instrumental ensembles founded by multiple award-winning conductor Thomas Hengelbrock, who has been Bologna Festival’s guest many times.

Johann Caspar Kerll

Missa Superba for solos, choir and orchestra


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Requiem K.626 for solos, choir and orchestra

Ticket Prices
settore A (platea I)€ 70
settore B (platea II)€ 50
settore C (galleria I, balconata I)€ 55
settore D (galleria II)€ 40
settore E (balconata II, III)€ 30

Teatro Manzoni

via de’ Monari 1/2