Tuesday 7th June 2022, 8.30pm
Farnese Chapel of Palazzo d’Accursio

Matteo Messori Erard piano (1867)

7 giugno_ Mattero Messori

Matteo Messori, a great baroque performer, harpsichordist and organist, returns to the piano! “Mein lieber Bach” is a recital entirely dedicated to Bach, played on the modern piano. There are few notable past performers, including the legendary Wanda Landowska, who switched seamlessly from harpsichord to piano. For the occasion, Messori will play a very special modern piano: the historic Erard grand piano built in 1867 for the Universal Exhibition in Paris. On the music score there will be a fabulous anthology of Kantor’s most popular works: Little Preludes, Inventions and Sinfonias, Partitas, Preludes and Fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier, the Musical Offering and the Art of Fugue.

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Johann Sebastian Bach

Six Little Preludes
D major, BWV 936 /
C minor, BWV 934 /
E minor, BWV 938
F major BWV 927 /
F major BWV 928 / C major BWV 943

n. 13 in A minor, BWV 784 /
n. 8 in F major, BWV 779
n. 15 in B minor, BWV 786
from Aufrichtige Anleitung, 1723

n. 3 in D major, BWV 789 /
n. 6 in E major, BWV 792
n. 10 in G major, BWV 796 /
n. 11 in G minor, BWV 797
from Aufrichtige Anleitung, 1723

Praeludium et Fuga n. 23 in B major BWV 868
from Das Wohltemperirte Clavier, 1722

Praeludium et Fuga n. 12 in F minor BWV 881
from Des Wohltemperierten Claviers zweyther Theil, 1740-44 approx.

Praeludium et Fuga n. 24 in B minor BWV 869
from Das Wohltemperirte Clavier, 1722

Partita n.2 in C minor, BWV 826
from Clavier-Übung, 1731

Contrapunctus 1 BWV 1080/1
Contrapunctus 3 BWV 1080/3
Contrapunctus 4 BWV 1080/4
from Die Kunst der Fuge, posthumous edition 1752

Ricercar [a 3] BWV 1079/1
from Musikalisches Opfer, 1747

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Farnese Chapel of Palazzo d’Accursio

Piazza Maggiore, 6